In Genesis 13, Abram and Lot part ways.  They out-grew each other and needed to go separate ways. Abram lets Lot choose the property that he desires, he looks about and chooses the primest looking patch of land, the greenest, the land that looks like it is far better than the others. Abram goes in the other direction, as he said he would.

I imagine how Abram must’ve been feeling at this moment. You know how it is when something happens and you and friends or family have to part ways. You’ve outgrown each other and you need to give each other space. Maybe they said something that really upset you. Maybe they spoke about you in manner that was false and unkind. Maybe they just decided to turn their back on you. You’re left feeling really down and hurt, maybe confused.

God says to Abram, “Lift your eyes NOW and look from the place where you are. Arise, walk in the land…for I give it to you.”

So when something happens that could cause you to feel down, hurt, confused, look up…look up from where you are and look at what is ahead of you, don’t stay put wallowing in pain, get up and get moving, remember all of the good things that are promised to you. Yes it may look like their grass is greener (but remember what happens to Lot and his family after choosing to go to the greener pastures of Sodom?), but you are walking in a promise, a promise that is far greener, far more prosperous and far more rewarding.

{PS: How awesome is the photo! No filters. I took this photo last year when I was in Cambodia. We were in a night market having dinner and I looked up an saw this amazing stream of light as the sun was settling}

Be Blessed 

Jess xx

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