For the last 18 months I’ve been working on becoming an early morning mover, someone who gets up early to be active before my busy days begin. I used to do my workouts in the afternoon, and some days that wouldn’t happen because I’d come home exhausted. 18 months ago my best friends and I decided that we would commit to being together every morning from 5.30am to move (ride, walk or run). I’d love to share some tips with you on how I gave up the warmth and comfort of my bed in place of freezing cold/sweltering humid mornings.
Desire needs to be the first call to action. You have to want to be a fitter version of you and you have to want to be a morning mover. For years I was a late afternoon runner and I always wanted to be an early morning runner, but I was comfortable with my routine so I didn’t change it…until the desire became stronger.

Decide to do it. You need to make a decision…yes I am going to get up … mornings a week at …am and move. It may just be to walk to start with and then run intervals. Once you decide to do it, write it down and stick it beside your bed.

Support is important. If I wast meeting my girlfriends every morning then maybe I wouldn’t have been successful in becoming a morning mover. Find someone who is like-minded and someone who has similar goals as you. This time spent fellowship in and moving in the morning is so valuable. My friends and I use this time to talk, encourage, build-up, support, cry, pray, laugh with each other and it has become something that we all completely appreciate and need.

Act on it. Set the alarm, put the alarm at the doorway so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Get dressed in your workout gear the night before (that’s what one of my girlfriends does), or get your workout gear ready the night before so that in the morning you can just slip straight into them (that’s what I do).

Consistency is the key! Just do it, every morning, like on auto-pilot, just get up and get moving. Don’t take the time to think about it. You need to do it consistently. 

Value this time spent setting yourself up for the day. Yes you may be tired for the first couple of weeks but see this as deposits in you health bank. Instead of creating a goal try turning it into a value. When we value something we look after it and continue adding to it and looking for ways to make it better. I see these mornings as ways of making my body physically stronger and my mind mentally stronger so that I can continue working for God, bring glory to Him, and being able to serve others.

I don’t believe in willpower, I think that it comes down to these 6 things. Willpower is short lived but setting yourself up like this is life-long. The bonus of getting up early to move is that you get to witness God’s amazing artwork on display…glorious sunrises! I capture a sunrise every morning, and every morning the beauty is just magnificent as the day before.

Are you a morning mover? Have you got tips to share with us? What has helped you?

Be Blessed x

Yours in Health and Happiness

Jess xx

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