Welcome to the‘ramblings in Jess’s mind’ about change…and challenges.

You will most likely see this quote thrown around in the fitness arena, I don’t see this from purely a fitness point of view. I see it as a way to live life. If everything you do is comfortable, and your happy with it, then great. But if your one of those people who wishes for better things, for more out of life, then you need to start thinking of challenging yourself. Challenge yourself and just step out and do something to improve your life (or your circumstances).

Ok, ok, so who am I to say this? What do I know about crappy circumstances? I mean, I’ve got it all sorted right? I’ve got a wonderful, supportive husband and healthy kids. I own a house and have a career and give so much to others. What do I know about hardship?

My early adult years were spent living in (and with) hardship, abuse, very low income, deep on going depression, chronically low self-esteem and so on…I know that change IS possible, and I know that is a real challenge! My change came from a deep desire to give my children a better life, to not wake up and wish it was time to go back to bed because I just couldn’t face the relationship/marriage I was in, to not have to look at my Da and see how worried he was about me and to know that my mum and Nan were worried about losing me.

Change is driven out of desire. Until you are so uncomfortable with what you are doing/how you are living then you most likely won’t challenge yourself to change it. I adopted the challenging mindset and, with the help of some fantastic friends (and God), changed my/our life. The single most important piece of advice ever given to me has been ‘surround yourself with people you admire, people who will challenge you, and people who will draw the GREAT out of you’. I did all of the big life-altering change before I became a Christian (6 years ago). And now I have an amazing group of friends who help draw the great out 🙂

My life is completely different to what it was like 10-15 years ago (and I thank God for that every day!), and I am being challenged every day. Every. Single. Day. I choose to rise to the challenge and create change.

What’s something that you find challenges you?

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