Why workout at home? Because my kids see me pushing myself to my limit, they see me sweating and shaking and grunting, and pushing through! Because it’s FREE! Because I can workout whenever I want and don’t have to schedule around kids club times. Because I don’t have to worry about dressing like a ‘dag’ and I can wear whatever I want.
Today I pushed hard through my strength training, it was tough and my legs were already shaking (2 day DOMs had set in from Monday). I was so proud of myself!
This afternoon I headed out for my 12 minute run test (I do this each Wednesday) and some sprints. I am almost down to 6 minute kilometres…and I did this today with sore heavy legs…I am loving my new training program, it’s really pushing me to get out and test myself 🙂
Where do you train?What do you like the most about where you train?



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