I love the word Bloom. The dictionary defines ‘bloom’ as 1-‘the flower of a plant’, 2-‘a flourishing, healthy condition’ and 3-‘to flourish’. A flourishing, healthy condition! I just love that definition! It means so much more than just the flower of a plant.

Spring is right around the corner (in Australia), it’s the time of year when things begin to bloom.  The seeds that have been spread during winter begin to take root and they start to shoot and flower and produce fruit.

When a plant is about to sprout and grow, it doesn’t look around to see how the others are doing it, it doesn’t compare its growth to the plant beside it, it just grows and then blooms and stands tall amongst the other flowers, plants, in the garden.  It doesn’t look around and see the stunning red rose and say, “Oh my, I wish I was as red and as stunning as you red rose, I’m just so plain here in my yellow with my skinny little petals”(assuming plants could talk that is).  No, it stands there just as tall and just as proud as the others because it knows what it has taken to get to the point of blooming, it knows the struggle for sunlight and water and the fighting off of the weeds.


I’ve been doing a study on bloom and on the fruits of the spirit.  I’m going to share them with you in a series on Bloom That Produces Life-Changing Fruit.

Each one of us is unique.  There will never, ever be another YOU on the face of this earth, never. You have an opportunity to leave a legacy, a positive mark, on those that have been placed in your life and on your path, yes that even means the lady at the check-out and the person that is standing behind you in line.

Let us be women who stand tall and admire the beauty that is unique to each and every one of us. Bloom with an attitude of admiration not of comparison or envy. Let us be a community that plants the seeds of the future, waters the soil, pulls the weeds, lets the sun shine on the faces of those sprouts, those buds…let us all bloom together.

That is the purpose of Faith, Food and Fitness.


Be blessed x

Yours in Health and Happiness

Jess xx

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