I have compared myself to others for as long as I can remember, in good ways and in destructive ways.  This year I’ve been doing a lot of study on ‘who I am’ and I have finally seen comparison for all its joy stealing worth.

I would go for a run down at our local Gooseponds and I would see a vast mix of people down there working out or walking their dogs.  Serious runners (oh God, why can’t I run like them?), skinny toned power-walkers (oh God, why can’t I be skinny and toned like them?), elderly people walking their dogs (oh God, I can’t wait to be old and not have a houseful of dirty dishes, dirty clothes and noisy boys), and then people like me (you go girl! you should be so proud of yourself!).  I would do a lap or two and be so focused on the other people that I would finish my run and feel terrible, instead of finishing with the ‘runners high’ I was finishing with the ‘comparison downer’. My runs (or walks most days) are no longer like this, I have finally stopped and learnt to focus on me and who God made me to be.

When we compare ourselves and our circumstances to others we are robbing ourselves of the joy and the emotions of being us.  We are not meant to live a life of comparison,  “I wish I was…”, you’re wishing your life away…I know…I’ve done it too, I no longer do that (thankfully). “I want to be more like….”, You were born you, there is no other you and nor will there ever be…so enjoy all of the things that make you YOU. Enjoy the foods you eat, the way you walk, the way you speak, the way you love others, the way others love you, the way you move, the (positive) thoughts you have.  When you learn to enjoy yourself more you will all of a sudden enjoy life more, and the people in your life more.

Life is full of ups and downs, that’s just the way it goes (unfortunately), but the lessons we learn in the down times help us really enjoy the good times and give us a greater strength then we had before.

Yours in Health and Happiness

Jess xx 

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