I shared this message with my church a few months ago, it can be related to any area of our lives.  We think that when we become ‘grown ups’ we can do whatever we want to do (well my kids seem to think that this is the ultimate goal of becoming an adult), I tried doing this for a while, it didn’t last long, life did not go well.

IF you love me, do as I have told you to do…

Message Version – John 14: 15 ‘If you love me, show me by doing what I’ve told you.’

Show me by doing what I asked you to do…If you love me you will do as your told….Parents, you’ve said this once or twice before? Many times before I’m guessing.

“Please clean your room, eat your vegetables, why won’t you just do as you’re told? I’m telling you this for your own good.” I imagine that this is how God speaks and feels when we’ve missed the mark. When we haven’t done as we’ve been told, when we think we know better. The truth is that whatever He is asking us/telling us to do, then He’s telling us for our own good. He wants us to live our best life.

This week I was being tortured working out  with Kay and he kept telling me not to get off the stair monster, I was trying really hard to do what he was telling me to do. It hurt, I really wanted to stop, every time I stopped he would shake his head and say, “Come on Jess get back on.” I would just shake my head, thinking ‘I’m a 38 year-old woman, if I don’t want to get back on that machine then I’m not getting back on it, you can’t tell me what to do’ (picturing myself having a full blown 2 year-old tantrum right there in the front of the gym).

You see I want change, and I knew that if I really want this change to happen then I would have to listen to Kay and get back on that stair monster and get it done. I was in pain, my legs felt like they couldn’t take another step. But I knew I had to push on, keep going. It’s for my OWN good.

There are many time in life when sometimes we have to stretch, but we have to push on and keep doing it. It is for our own good!

Friends, can I encourage you to push on, to listen that “funny feeling inside your chest”, or a thought that suddenly pops into your head, follow that, do that, see what happens.

Yours in Health and Happiness

Jess xx

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