I made Easy As Paleo Biscuits last night before I went to bed, I was going to take some to playgroup but the boys wanted some for school and hubs devoured some last night while we all slept….hhmmmm

I’ve been making these biscuits for such a long time now; there are so many different variations to it.  This recipe is the basis and then you just add your extras after making it.  I always make a batch then divide it in half and make 2 different flavours.  Add cacao, chocolate chips, coconut, dried fruits, ground ginger, coarsely chopped nuts, cinnamon and raisins, the list is endless!

 Easy As Paleo Biscuits

2 cups of almond flour

1/3 cup macadamia nut (or any other) oil

1/3 cup organic honey

How to:



 Then take teaspoon amounts and roll into balls, placing them on a tray lined with baking paper.



Place in the oven.  Keep an eye on them as they can cook quickly, 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven.  They should be beautifully golden on top (and will soft in the centre, if you want them crunchy add about 2 tablespoons of extra oil in the mixing and press them out flatter before baking).



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