When we eat good food, food that grown and not formulated, our mind is well. If everyday we are making the decision to eat our food as close as possible to the way that God intended it to be then our bodies respond with complete wellness…body and mind (then read The Word to be well in spirit but that’s another post).
The way you eat is entirely up to you, I choose not to eat grains because they don’t make me feel good, I know that when I eat them I feel bloated and ‘sad’. It’s hard to put it any other way than ‘sad’, I just don’t feel like my usual self and I mope about, so I choose not to eat them. Doesn’t mean it’s the same for you, you might thrive with grains (this is just an example).

The thing is…eat food on the closest state that God intended and you will be well…that is a promise.

Be Blessed 

Jess xx

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