My kids love jam, I don’t like the amount of sugar that’s in jam and I don’t like the store brands.  I made some allowance for organic macro jam every now and then.  I was making our shopping list yesterday and I noticed an empty jar of strawberry jam in the back of the fridge (seriously, who does that?!?).  It got me thinking…I make everything from sauces to mayo to almond milk so why not make jam too?! Brilliant!


I had 2 packets of organic frozen mixed berries in the freezer and then my creative cooking mind just took over (I love it when that happens).


Paleo Mixed Berry Jam

1kg frozen organic mixed berries

½ organic honey (or about that much, it just depends on your taste)

3 tablespoons chia seed flour

1 tablespoon flaxmeal

How to:

Place the frozen berries in a medium saucepan and bring them to a boil.  Add ¼ cup of honey, mix and taste, by doing this you can then judge if the jam will be too sweet or need more.  I found that I needed to add the full ½ cup of honey as the berries were quiet tart.  Reduce the heat and let them gently simmer for one and a half hours.  Keep an eye on the saucepan, stirring it and watching that it doesn’t reduce down quicker than normal.


The berry mixture will be ready when it looks like this when a spoon is dragged through.


When this happens take the pan off the heat and let it cool.  While it’s cooling you can get to making the chia flour.

Chia Seed Flour

Take your required amount of chia seed and grind away in a mortar and pestle.  I found that using the food processor didn’t work as well and it went to a paste very quickly.


Grind until it is at the flour consistency.


When the Jam has cooled, place in the food processor along with the chia flour and flaxmeal.  Process until smooth (only because my kids don’t like fruity chunks in the jam, if you do then you can just stir the chia and flax into the mix).


I plan on making other jams the same way, super great!



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