I was contacted by Janelle at the start of this year, she had a story of breakthrough and freedom that she wanted to share with us.  Janelle has a blog, she writes about her Christian walk and she share a lot on her transformation and the freedom she found in God’s Almighty Power.

Janelle emailed this testimony through to me and has allowed me to share it with you, I’ll let her take over…

I am experiencing true joy that comes from living in God’s freedom from food!  I’m no longer am a slave and have victory over 132 lbs.  My story is a wonderful healing journey, even though I have gained freedom over food,  maintaining a significant loss is just as challenging.  I achieve this with a daily surrender to the process of choosing wisely when it comes to health and nutrition!  It’s one thing to know freedom, but it’s a whole new level to LIVE free!”.  I’m a writer, blogger, and currently working on my first book about how I lost weight and transformed my life.  It’s a joy to share this with you and encourage you along the way!”

I am living proof what God can do in a willing heart, a heart that is obedient in putting God first and foremost in my life.  I have lost a total 132 lbs in 6 years.  God has done a marvel in my life, I’m here to encourage you, you too can do this with God!  It hasn’t been easy, but if I can make some simple changes, then so can you.  Don’t you hate it when people say that?  Sure, you have heard this before, but for some reason losing weight…well it’s just not working.

This is my story of how God dealt with my sin problem, heart idol worship of food and how He showed me the way out of a Twinkie box.   It took me years to finally get it.  I was obedient to my fleshly desire to filling my body with an excess of food, the almighty and powerful (and a bit finicky) scale and man’s opinion of who I was.  You can spend your entire life figuring out how messed up you are, but guess what?  You are still messed up when you figure it all out and there is only one fix for your problem…God’s Holy Spirit having His way in your life.  I can tell food is not the fix you need; you won’t find your answers in a Hostess Twinkie pastry box.

There are ways to honor God with our bodies and live a pure life.  We all have choices to make.

Rewind my story back 132 lbs. ago.  I was a prisoner in my own skin.   I had reached a point in my life that it was going to take some drastic changes.  That is exactly what happened, God drastically changed my heart.  I was a slave to, and in love with, food.  I worshiped it, bowed down to it, cuddled it often and ate it for all the wrong reasons and in the big proportions.  Hey, wait a minute…I know what you’re thinking…how could I let this happen, I was a Christian after all.  How could I let anything get in the way of my relationship with God?  Well, it didn’t happen overnight…this was years in the making.  It was a slow invitation to the enemy’s stronghold into my life and eventual squeezing God out of my heart.  My weight and identity have been to war!

Believe me, no one wakes up one day and demands God to “make me skinny”.  I needed to be healed of my sin issue before He could lead me to His idea of purity for my life.  I confessed my pride and gave up my will for His change.  I had a lot to purge myself of before I could actually see what the heart issue was and before I was restored and He brought new freedom to my life.  I had to do the work and have the faith to believe that God would help me.

So I took it a step at a time, a meal and a time, and day at a time.  The basic principles work, if you take in more calories than you use in a day, you are making space for fat to be stored on your body.  God programed our bodies to be healthy and pure for Him.  I will do everything I can to honor God with what He has given me.

Now, I am free of 132 lbs and free of the mentality that I need to eat this way or that way.  It’s not about the rules, but about the relationship we have to our Creator.  He made us from His image, and to represent His likeness on the earth.  I want to take care of His house as best I can with what I have been given.

God bless



Thank you Janell!

If you have a testimony that you would like to share please send an email, I would love to connect with you and share your story of freedom, breakthrough, healing, release.

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