Let’s talk about meal prepping…it’s vital in our household…and I’m sure you can benefit from doing it too (if you don’t already). We’re all busy right? Big family or small family, single person or partnered people, we are busy. I don’t know about your family needs or commitments, let me share a week in our household with you.

We get super busy, and most afternoons I need to be in two places at the same time. Our family are gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative and additive-free, legume-free and in my case, grain-free. To make it easy, we are a paleo family and this comes with some big challenges. We are not this way purely by choice, we have food allergies and sensitivities (and an autoimmune disease). I don’t rely on take-out or convenience food! This means I must set aside at least one day a week (usually a Saturday or Sunday) to prep up our meals/lunches. Now that I am in the swing of it, it’s really not that hard. So let me take you through what I do.

I start off by planning out our week in meals. This doesn’t have to be hard, just use an A4 piece of paper and divide it into seven columns. Then decided what you’d like for dinner each night of the week. I plan our dinners around the kids’ work/school/sport commitments (eg. Football training on Tuesday and Thursday means slower cooker dinners).

 Meal prepping (3)

Then I clear the kitchen benches of any clutter (when hubs is home I have a collection of newspapers on the bench) and I take out my trays and food processor. I also get all of the food items I need out and open up the pantry (this helps keep flours, spices off the bench and saves cleaning up time).

 Meal prepping (1)

I wash the dishes as I go, it saves time!

Meal prepping (4)

I make and cook the proteins first. While they are cooking I mix and cut (cookies and crackers) the muffins etc. I cut and juice the vegetables last. I find that this works well, it usually takes me three hours from start to finish…remember I am prepping for a family of six (with three teenage boys).

Meal prepping (2)

Prepped this week:

  • Turkey, garlic and rosemary meatballs
  • Chicken thighs
  • kangaroo burgers
  • boiled eggs
  • activated almonds
  • broccoli florets (fresh and blanched for freezing)
  • carrots
  • baked, cooled and sliced beetroots
  • blanched kale for freezing
  • sliced cabbage
  • Macqui Berry Coconut cupcakes
  • AAG sweet biscuits
  • Flaxseed crackers


Do you prep or plan out your family meals?


Yours in health and happiness

Jess xx



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