Today I caught up with a special lady (I’m keeping her identity quiet 🙂 )  and we got to talking about health and food.  She commented on an event held in her workplace yesterday where people were asked to bring along a plate of food to share for morning tea. She said, “I was shocked at the food on display.  This didn’t’ just concern me, it concerned my husband too”.

I said many things about this but the one thing that I think is the most important here (regardless of whether you eat a Paleo diet or not) …is this food making me more healthy or less healthy? There is no in between, there is no ‘kinda’ about it.  This is one of the biggest things I have learnt from complete my second Whole30 (the first one I treated like a ‘diet’; the second one is when it all came together for me).

It may be just me (although I doubt it) but when I go to eat something I think about how I can make it more nutritious (hey I blend and hide all sorts of vegetables into my food…kids right 🙂 ).  I mean, I don’t want to just exist in this life…I want to live this life!! I feel so fantastic; I know this is the only way to live my life.

I am accepting of other people’s points of view and lifestyles and I’m not one to go into battle over “grains are the enemy” (I’m not one of those die-hard Paleo people), but I am a die-hard health advocate. Food affects people differently, but bottom line is just eat REAL FOOD!  Feed your family REAL FOOD! It’s not ‘rocket science’ and it’s definitely not HARD! Don’t’ live a life of convenience and take out…that’s a cop out…Ok stepping off my soapbox before I get really going 🙂 (die-hard health advocate remember).

Every single thing you pop in your mouth with either make you healthy, or it will contribute to making you unhealthy.

All this said because I love you and I care, right 🙂



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