Something I haven’t had to go back to the drawing board on is the ‘laundry baskets’ approach to their messy rooms and piles of clean/dirty clothes on their floors.  This is working a treat! I only fold their uniforms, everything else gets put in their own basket and they have to fold them and put them away (literally takes me 5-10 minutes to now do the folding).  They are not allowed to have their iPods until this has been done, and then I check it to make sure it’s done properly.  Yes our boys will be domesticated and their future wives will be thankful 🙂 Here is a pic of how I now take the clothes off the line (or out of the drier lately):

 Each basket has a name on it (B, D, and C) and the big square one is mine, hubs, W’s and towels etc.


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