It’s true. You only have to ask your grandparents (I’m not suggesting they are 100 years old) what they ate growing up and what they had for school lunches. You’ll hear things like, “homemade bread, homegrown vegetables, meat, chicken, eggs, the occasional homemade cake or biscuits, oatmeal, fresh milk,’ well that’s what my Nan said. If your older, like I am, you’ll even remember that everything in your house was homemade from fresh or home grown produce (at one point we had a farm and cows to milk every morning, thanks Mum), and the weekly sweet popped in your lunch box was an Anzac biscuit or if we were really lucky some chocolate slice.

Fast forward 20 years and take a look at what fills most homes and children’s lunch boxes (I’m a teacher so I get the privilege of seeing inside lunch boxes).  

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For some children, convenience food has take the place of homemade food and children, as well as most adults, are eating ‘occasional’ food daily…and sometimes multiple times a day (a packet of tiny teddies and a sugar loaded muesli bar at morning tea and a packet of chips at lunch time). The problem with all of these ‘convenience’ foods is that they are loaded with sugar, salt, preservatives and additives. I can tell you that God did not make, or intended for you to eat, preservative 282 (calcium propionate), which you will find in some baked products and pasta. It’s derived from petroleum and can cause developmental delays, headaches and migrations, irritability, learning difficulties, neurological problems, sleep disturbance and is prohibited for use in infant foods. There many more preservatives and additives that are just as harmful, this one is common that’s why I selected it. This is not what we should be eating or feeding our children.

Remember in 1 Corinthians 6:12 Paul tells us that “everything is permissible for me – but not everything is beneficial.” Foods that are made in factories are not what are beneficial for us, these types of foods can make us sick, encourage disease, shorten our life-span and our quality of life…does this sound like it’s God’s plan?

Can I encourage you, if you don’t do so already, to love yourself enough to care about the foods you put on your plate, the foods you put on the plates (and lunch boxes) of your family. Let’s create healthy families, body, mind and spirit.

Your in Health and Happiness

Jess xx


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