My struggle with hormones and thyroid go back years, almost 6 years to be exact. I have seen many doctors who wanted to treat me with synthetic hormone boosters, and to be honest, this scared me too much to even think about trying them. When I first had this suggestion from a doctor I was in my early thirties and I was more worried about what my hormones would be like when it was time to go through menopause (at the time my mother was in this phase so I had a glimpse of what it would be like), and secondly, the word synthetic worried me. I decided to look about for other avenues of help, not a lot of alternative help was available at the time so I ended up trying to help myself by reading a range of books…these of these books left me more confused then when I started and they didn’t really give me a good direction to head in. So I accepted that this was just how things were going to be for me (raging pms, weight gain on my hips, thighs and lower abdomen that I just couldn’t lose, moodiness, adult acne). I found an alternative health chiropractor/acupuncturist/applied kinesiologist a year ago and a half ago and she was instrumental in me believing that I could rebalance my hormones without anything synthetic. She was great in doing the physical adjustments but I was missing the internal stuff, the everyday life stuff.

I’m an information kind of girl and what I wanted and wished for was a ‘how to’, a manual for balancing my hormones, a book that stepped me through it. I wanted to hear this from someone who has done this themselves and had success, I wanted to know that all the things I was being told to do would actually work (instead of just drain my bank balance).

Well…that wish, that prayer, has come true! If you have just started the hormone surges or if you’ve been struggling with it for a long time then please let me share with you a book that is the answer to all of our hormonal problems…

Penny Lomas has written a manual, The Hormone Connection. I got this book on Monday, read it cover to cover, started making notes and I now have a clear path forward. I’ve been following Penny for years and can tell you that this woman practices everything she preaches, she is so passionate and genuine. She is a personal trainer and level 2 bio-signature modulation practitioner who specialises in hormone coaching. Penny is also a Oxygen Magazine cover-girl (originally why I started following her, she has a holistic view on health that stood out to me).

Penny has produced the book with clear steps to take and gives you the reasons and science behind each step. She has provided recipes to that support specific hormones, how to guides, meal plans and spot reduction menus . I can tell you that this book has EVERYTHING you could possibly need, and it is written in a way that is very easy to follow (you’ll love the Estro Milk on page 76, it’s my fav).

I don’t write book reviews but this book was the answer to my own hormonal issues and I’m guessing that I’m not alone in this minefield of misinformation and endless costly practitioner searches.

You can find the link to Penny’s book here.

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