Settling goals, changing paths, I don’t know what I should be doing, I don’t feel like this is right for me anymore, what direction do I want my life to take????? So many questions, how on earth do we start to find out what it is we really want to do in life? All we know is that we’re not really happy with where we are at and we just want change (or we want to know that what we are doing is what we really want to do).

This post is about how I found the direction I want for my life, how I stopped over-analysing (something I’m really good at) and stopped feeling overwhelmed by life.

In November I knew that I wanted to take my life on a different path, I wasn’t really happy with the things that I had been working towards in 2014, my passion and drive had taken a nose-dive and I was struggling to find a way up. I had given so much of myself to so many projects and people that I had completely forgotten what my path was, my health had suffered, my body had suffered and my fitness had been reduced to nothing.

While staring into space one day in mid-November I remembered the days after my Da had passed away (eight years ago) and this got me started on rediscovering my passion and my path. See, in the days after his passing I was so upset, I was trying to console myself with thoughts of how much he had accomplished. He used to ‘potter around’ in his BBQ patio, and after he was diagnosed with liver cancer he used to spend a lot of time outside. I often thought that he was outside reflecting on his life, and boy what a life he had lived and what a truly great man he was.

I remembered his rocking chair, and how he must’ve been sitting in it each afternoon smiling, being so satisfied with the life he lived. Bingo! I had found a way to start finding my passion and living life again, a life that makes me satisfied and brings a smile to my face. I began sitting in my rocking chair each morning, and I pretended that I was 80 years-old and I was looking back on the life I had lived…I smiled as I thought about all of the things I ‘had done’, all of the things I was glad I ‘didn’t do’…and I also thought of all of the things I wished I ‘had have done’. I wrote them down. This was the start of some wonderful revelations.

I’ve started pulling myself back from some projects and decided that I am going to focus on just three things…and do those three things super well (got to give my Senior Pastor credit for this one, he had an awesome message on this one Sunday…actually it seemed that all of the messages in December were completely aligning with the changes my life was taking). I feel free, I feel like I have direction, I feel renewed, and I can’t wait to get back into the classroom and teach kids again! I am excited about living life every single day with passion and purpose!

Yours in Health and Happiness

Jess xx

Tell me, what are you excites you about the New Year ahead?

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