I’ve been pondering this for a few weeks…

What are we measuring?

Why do we feel we have to measure ourselves?

We measure everything with human eyes…she’s over weight so she must eat too much…she’s so skinny she must starve herself…she’s so beautiful I wish I looked like her…

See the thing is, I’ve followed enough women in the fitness and health circles to know that even these women that we ‘envy’ for their gorgeous skin, rock hard body, slender physique, have a measuring stick that they don’t even measure up to. They are picking out flaws and after a harder body, less body fat, clearer skin.

God measures our heart…what is inside of us not what is outside of us!

What is the measure of your heart?

What are you like on the inside?

Let’s change how we measure ourselves and let’s stop measuring others with human eyes.



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