Queen Esther was asked to do something so difficult she didn’t think she could do it, doing this difficult task in order to help bring deliverance to her people. I’m guessing (because I’m putting myself in her shoes for a moment) that she was afraid for herself and for her people, she was probably asking, “Why me God?” Esther knew that unless God gave her favour with the King she would be killed. She put it all on the line. The way that she handled herself and this situation is so powerful.

Esther went to God for her favour, for her direction. She didn’t jump up and down and cry in unfairness, she didn’t go and rally the troops (I mean other people in your circles) to go and confront the King and cause a huge scene resulting in war.

How do you handle things when you are in an unfair situation? What things do you say? Who do you go to?

You too have been born for a purpose, the timing of your birth is no accident! Many people can spend their time running around reacting to situations in ways that create more chaos than peace and freedom.

What do you do when you are faced with a difficult situation?

I pray that we will be as courageous as Esther was, even when we are in a difficult situation and when we are being led in a different direction than we had planned.
Be blessed

Jess xx



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